Fathers Day

Fathers Day was so dear to our hearts this summer

Fathers Day was so dear to our hearts this summer. It was the first party of our changeover season, from full time operations, to rental venue. A lot of us celebrated our dads who have passed and it was so nice to see people bring in their dads for a beer! Thank you for making us feel so much like family.

The day began with Island Devil and Dawg Bizkit Brown in cans and on tap. Also being served was our famous Bloody Marys and Mimosas with a nice Bingo game hosted by Candy and Scott.

Candy is a volunteer, and learning to pour beer like she used to pull ice cream cones in the 70’s. It was fun to see the local families come out and play bingo and have the Alexanders come to WIN!!! It is fun to see your friends competitive, and enjoying the lawn at the KIB. Like we have for so long.

We hope you will want to rent it and have your own Bingo Party. Maybe Candy and Scott will volunteer for you too!!!

Jenn and Hannah ran the food and drinks for everyone in the house and we made new local friends with Suzanne and Roger, who now have a place to work from that has reliable. internet. They live on the North side, and so can’t work from the island…until now. We are going to set it up so people can work from the venue, when they need to. Give Patti a call if this fits your situation at all.

Our next party is the 27th and we will have live music with 732 Duo. A local favorite and we look forward to seeing our supporters that we don’t get to see much of. Also July 4th will be our final KIB bingo game, we will have lawn games and tournaments, so come and play with us…..

Doug and I have been taking a lot of rides around the island and discovering all of the people and places that the visitors come to enjoy. I can still sometimes hear Jay say….” well did you see anyone out there?” when we would return. Fathers Day will always be his day in my heart. Thank you to all the father figures I have had, and to all those that I get to watch now raising all these fine young people. We need fathers everyday to be the best they can, so our kids have a chance in this great big world…..Cheers dads…..And Carry On……