New ways of doing business emerge daily, and corporations, large and small, need to find creative ways to attract talent and train their high performer. In addition, companies must show they are genuine in their efforts to put people first rather than just typing it into a mission statement.

Corporate Events

Companies need to make their employees feel valued and provide a sens of belongin in the workplace. Hosting your employees at the Lake View Rental Venu can be an upbeat way to show a caring workplace environment away from the daily grind.

We provide space that can lead to exceptional team building, relaxation, scheduling break throughs and just enjoying our unique space. A day of nature, scavenger hunt, wine and beer tastings can be put together with a luncheon and a golf cart experience catering to your groups needs.

Contact Patti at islandpj419@gmail.com or 419-656-4335 and plan Your Island Event.

She will help you plan the adventure your employees will benefit from for the next year.