Our Yard

The Lake View Venue Rental

We would like to thank you for all the loyal support that you have given to our family business. El Lago Vista, Inc. goes back to 1960 when my parents and gram, Ruth Gibbons, put on the Dairy Isle across from the Neumans Ferry Boat line. Running a business here on the island for my life, has been the American Dream. We have made friends, memories, and forged a home on this beautiful island. Our business continues to evolve from transportation, retail, food and beverage, and now to rentals.

Until 1999, our main business other than the transportation business, made ice cream and sandwiches and later breakfast and lunch until 1999, when we put on the brewery. It was one of the smallest breweries in the country. When I was a school teacher, I thought the island would be a great investment over time and that having a brewery would bring traveler’s here. People were coming from all over to taste American ales and the industry was perfect for a short time. I had 4 local and 2 friends from Cleveland that jumped in and did what it took to build the brewery. So many people came together and called this a Labor of Love. Like most builds, it did not go smoothly, but thanks to Wayne Neuman and his brother and a slew of other brothers and sisters, this Labor of Love survived 21 years. We would have not survived without the love of one guy. How did Doug get involved?

Doug was on vacation at the State Park when the brewery opened in 1999. Our personal story starts when he stopped in for a beer. We were acquainted through his brother, and he asked what was wrong with our brew machine, it was producing warm beer. Long story short, he was a machine builder, identified the problem, ordered a new pump, and asked me out on a date that Friday. My friends were astounded and insisted I pursue this, they would take care of the business. The rest is family history.

Twenty two years later, we are closing the doors of the KIB and making it available to rent for your family and the island memories that you will make here by holding your gathering here. It is also a great venue for chefs, artists, and local community members that want to have a workshop or other event. The building is spacious and clean and the property is peaceful and serene, all of the things that Kelleys Island cultivated in all of us and inspired the building of such a unique personal business here. There will be services available and many options to create new island memories. Come find out about our new business at one of our three parties to say so long to the KIB – June 20, June 27 and July 4

Island Devil and Dawg Bizkit Brown will be available by the can to take home. Come share stories, make memories and thank you for being part of the Dream.

Patti, Doug Mark and family and Pat and Jay